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Joshua and Buddy
Joshua and his Faithful Therapy Dog, Buddy-Love

"Our Destiny is in our Hand’s Will,
Our Will is the Hand in our Destiny."©

 ~Joshua Mack

Begin Your Journey of Transformation Today!

 Learn to facilitate ACCELERATED HEALING within yourself and others.
Everyone has it—Anyone can learn it! If you can love, if you can breath...
you can do Quantum-Touch®


It is your birthright to Live the Life of your Dreams!  Fulfillment, Joy, Wellbeing, Abundance and Love are all available to You, right now in this moment!  Your reading this is your first indication that you are aware of your possibilities, and are ready to create significant change in your Life.  Are you willing to release the old, stagnant belief systems, physical challenges, and residual fears holding you back from what you really want?  The opportunity to empty your vessel and manifest all that you truly desire lies before you, here and now!  Welcome Aboard the Journey!

Join us for a weekend of Learning and Transformation!
Bodyworkers - Doctors - Martial Artists -Yogis—Energyworkers - Super Moms...
there’s more of what you use available to you...
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Trust What You Are Feeling......Unleash Your Inner Master!!

Joshua Mack, LMT, Certified Instructor, Speaker and Founder of Hands On Wellness International, LLC is devoted to helping people attain Physical Healing, Self-Empowerment and Spiritual Growth by delivering the absolute finest in Therapeutic Bodywork Treatments, World-Class Instructional Workshops and International Speaking Engagements, all of which maintain a standard of excellence that is par none, and inspire those to expand beyond what they had ever deemed possible for themselves! 

Hands On Wellness is based out of San Diego, CA., and travels the Globe delivering Transformative Bodywork, Seminars, Lectures and Retreats designed to inspire and lend new direction to those seeking profound shifts in their lives.

Welcome! We invite you take a moment, sit back and sip your favorite hot tea,  peruse our pages, and see what is evoked, inspired, clarified or discovered!  Blessings to you on your own personal journey…wherever it may lead you.  Enjoy!

Be Well,
Joshua W. Mack

Pain Alleviation
· Anxiety & Stress Relief
· Skeletal Realignment
· Emotional Release
· Increased Energy
· Distant Healing
· Much, much more...

Begin your Journey of Transformation Today!

To inquire about booking Joshua W. Mack at your next Speaking Engagement, Host a Workshop in Your Area, or to Schedule a Private Session, please contact Hands On Wellness Int’l LLC.

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